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Ethnically diverse Azerbaijan among most tolerant countries

  • 20/05/2013 --
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The ethnically diverse Azerbaijan where titular nation dominates, however, has included the country into the rating of the most tolerant societies.

 The results of the poll held in more than 80 countries (World Values Survey) were published on the website of The Washington Post.

The poll aimed to draw parallels between economic development, as well as ethnic diversity of a country and tolerance of its population. However, the results demonstrate the absence of any independence (results are drawn in a form of a map).

The respondents were asked whom they do not want to have as their neighbors. Those countries where the respondents answered ‘people of other races’ were attributed to less ethnically tolerant.
Thus, Azerbaijan has been included into the category of the countries, where only 10-15% of respondents chose the variant of ‘people of other races’. Azerbaijani society turned out more tolerant that the neighbors in the region-Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Russia and Iran, where the indicator of tolerance is much lower.