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According to CEC’s last data, Ilham Aliyev gathered 84.59 percent of votes in Azerbaijani presidential election

  • 10/10/2013 --
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The Central Election Commission of Azerbaijan (CEC) announced the results of the presidential election after the processing of the ballot papers from 99.53 percent of polling stations.
According to the results, Ilham Aliyev gathered 3,118,287 votes (84.59 percent), the Chairman of the CEC Mazahir Panahov said on Thursday at the press-conference in Baku.

The results from 5466 of 5492 polling stations have already been publicized.

«The results from all constituencies and stations were received on time. Though we still have not received reports from 26 stations, where displaced people have voted, therefore currently the results of 5466 stations out of 5492 are known. The voting on all stations has been completed,» Panahov said.

As Panahov said, according to the data obtained, the other candidates gathered the following percentage of votes: Jamil Hasanli — 5.54 percent, Igbal Aghazadeh — 2.38 percent , Gudrat Hasanguliyev — 1.98 percent, Zahid Oruj — 1.45 percent, Ilyas Ismailov — 1.07 percent, Araz Alizadeh — 0.86 percent, Faraj Guliyev — 0.86 percent, Hafiz Hajiyev — 0.66 percent, Sardar Jalaloghlu — 0.61 percent.

«We bring our congratulations to Ilham Aliyev. Since de facto Ilham Aliyev is ahead by a wide margin. Final voting results will be known in the next four days,» Panahov said.