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Azerbaijan Industry and Energy Ministry`s delegation visits Norway

  • 17/05/2013 --
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A delegation of Azerbaijan led by industry and energy minister Natig Aliyev has visited Norway.

First the delegation visited the Troll A platform, which is a condeep offshore natural gas platform in the Troll gas field off the west coast of Norway, AzerTAc reports.

As part of the visit, Aliyev met deputy foreign minister of Norway Torgeir Larsen. The discussions at the meeting focused on cooperation between the two countries in economic, political, humanitarian and other areas. Aliyev briefed the deputy foreign minister on cooperation of Azerbaijan with foreign companies, the country`s integration into European Union and participation in various projects, including INOGATE, TACIS, South gas corridor.

The Azerbaijani delegation also held discussions with senior vice- presidents of Statoil Torgeir Kydland and Nicholas Alan Maden, vice- president Terje Dahl, president of Statoil Azerbaijan Lars Troen Sorensen. They praised the activity of Statoil and other Norwegian companies in Azerbaijan, as well as the role of them in transportation of a great part of Azerbaijani oil to world markets.

During the visit, the Azerbaijani delegation also met Norway`s oil and energy minister Ola Borten Moe.

Then a press conference was held, during which projects initiated by Azerbaijan were praised.