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Azerbaijani party intends to support Ilham Aliyev’s candidacy in upcoming presidential elections

  • 05/08/2013 --
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The sixth congress of the Ana Vatan party was held in Baku. The staff of the Secretariat, the Accounting Commission and the congress agenda was approved by voting.

Party leader Fazail Agamali presented a report of the party’s central council.

The members of the Ana Vatan party have always been active in strengthening the statehood of Azerbaijan over the past period, Agamali added.

After his speech, the party determined the position which it will demonstrate in the presidential elections.

A decision was made at the meeting that the candidacy of chairman of the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, President Ilham Aliyev will be supported in the presidential elections to be held in Azerbaijan on October 9.

«After re-electing Ilham Aliyev, we will achieve resolving a number of national problems facing the country,» the party said. «The first step is the right choice. Once again, we urge Azerbaijani citizens to vote for Ilham Aliyev, who thinks about the future of our country.»

While speaking at the congress, Agamali shared his thoughts in connection with the internal situation in the country and abroad.

«A person who really makes efforts for the development of Azerbaijan and a strong and recognized leader at the global level must come to power,» he added.

It is unacceptable for such individuals as Rustam Ibrahimbayov, relying on outside forces, and those serving to external forces to come to power, he added.

The changes and amendments were made to the charter of the party and a new program was approved at the congress.

While considering the organizational issues, some individuals were appointed to the governing bodies of the party. According to the open voting results, Fazail Agamali was again re-elected chairman of Ana Vatan party.

In connection with the forthcoming elections the congress adopted an appeal to Azerbaijani people, as well as the declaration on the return of current Armenia’s territory, which is the native land of Azerbaijan and in connection with the situation in South Azerbaijan.