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Azerbaijan’s non-oil sector ensures more than half of tax claims in 2013

  • 20/09/2013 --
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The Azerbaijani Ministry of  Taxes ensured transferring 4.486.615 billion manat of tax payments to the state budget in January -August 2013, the Ministry said on Thursday.

According to the report, the share of claims on income tax amounted to 38.6 percent of total volume of tax claims, value added tax — 24 percent, income tax — 12 percent, excise tax — 7.6 percent, other taxes — 17.8 percent.

Tax deductions from the non-oil sector to Azerbaijan’s state budget amounted to 2.405.061 billion manat or 53.6 percent of a total volume of revenues.

The outlook for tax deductions for 2013 for the ministry is defined in a volume of 6.4 billion manat.

Around 49,963 taxpayers were registered in Azerbaijan in January — August 2013. The number of physical entities registered in an electronic form as of September 1, 2013 hit 29,261 people (or 58.6 percent of the total number of registered taxpayers). The total number of taxpayers as of September 1, 2013 amounted to 523,599 persons.

The share of tax returns filed in electronic form, made up 90.7 percent in January — August 2013.

The official exchange rate is 0,7845 AZN/USD on Sept. 20.