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Azerspace-1’ revenues to increase in 2014

  • 18/04/2014 --
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first_space_satelliteProjected revenues from the operation of Azerbaijan’s communications satellite «Azerspace-1» will amount to about $15 million in 2014, Communications and High Technologies Minister Ali Abbasov said on April 17.

The first satellite, launched in February 2013, brought $10 million revenues last year.

«This year, we will use the facilities to be allocated by the Ministry of Finance for the repayment of loans of the first satellite program. The satellite will be profitable since 2015,» he said.

Azerspace is broadcasting over 80 TV and radio channels, covering Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and North Africa. Some 80 percent of the satellite’s resources are available for commercial purposes.

Azerspace-1’s term of exploitation in the orbit will be up to 15 years. Baku is expected to earn $500-600 million by operating the satellite.

Speaking about a low-orbit satellite project, Abbasov said the French «EADS-Astrium» company has recently offered some proposals to Azerbaijani space agency «Azercosmos» for construction of similar satellites for Azerbaijan.

Tender for the construction of the satellite has been already announced, and offers from the participants are being evaluated.

«Due to the fact that the number of bidders has increased incessantly, the deadline for application has been extended for a month. Winner of the tender will be announced soon. The construction of the satellite will take 30 months,» he said.

He also noted that conditions of tender for launching the second communication satellite are under preparation. The second communication satellite «Azerspace-2» is scheduled to be launched in 2017.

Centralized radiomonitoring system created

«The work on a centralized automatic radio monitoring system is set to be completed in Azerbaijan,» Abbasov said.

Currently, systems of monitoring of frequency resources are operating in 12 regions of the country, and the information is sent to the central office. The system is able to automatically control radio devices operating at frequencies up to three gigahertz.

«The issue of protection of radio space of Azerbaijan is not particularly actual at present, and challenges in this area are not observed. We have agreed procedures for usage of frequencies with all neighboring countries, in accordance with the protocols of the International Telecommunication Union. The only intrusion in the air space of Azerbaijan was observed from the occupied territories, and this problem has been resolved,» Abbasov said.