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Forum of Turkish-speaking states’ diaspora organizations adopts declaration

  • 21/06/2013 --
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The 1st Forum of Heads of Diapsora Organizations of the Cooperation Council of the Turkish-speaking States that opened in Baku today has adopted a declaration.

The document provides for enhanced cooperation between diaspora organizations of Turkish states and promoting the values of the Turkish world among international community.

«With expansion of globalization in the modern world, establishment of inter-civilizational cooperation and mutual integration of the peoples have become a demand of a time. The ongoing complex processes in the world once again prove that strengthening the unity of Turkish peoples plays an important role in terms of security and peace in the region,» the declaration says.

Also, it notes a need for creation of regional centers to coordinate activities of diaspora organizations of Turkic-speaking countries, to hold events to raise awareness of world community about the history, culture and contemporary realities of Turkish-speaking countries.

Forum participants also recommend to involve Turkish-speaking young people studying abroad to expand diaspora and lobbying activities.

In addition, the declaration stated a need for measures to prevent anti-Turkish and anti-Islamic propaganda in the world.