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Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan must apply the most advanced global technologies

  • 17/05/2013 --
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 On 16 May, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev familiarized with the Shamakhy astrophysical observatory after major repair and reconstruction, 1news.az reports with reference to the official website for the President of Azerbaijan.

Highly praising the reconstruction of the observatory and noting that it has become a contribution to Azerbaijani science. President Ilham Aliyev said:

“The construction work carried out here over the past years has produced effect. The Shamakhy observatory has been functioning for many years. Huge investments have been made here. But then, this is seen from the photos and I saw it while being here for the first time-it became outdated. Problems appeared here for the conduction of scientific studies, the conditions for scientists were very hard. Buildings constructed here were in a poor state and destroyed. Therefore, we decided to restore the observatory in a complex form.

Due decrees have been issued. I have repeatedly been here. I am very glad that we have fully reconstructed, restored the observatory. Wonderful conditions have been created. The main telescope has been repaired. The living conditions of the scientists have been improved. Here there are all opportunities for living and working. It is a great contribution to Azerbaijani science.

Practical measures are taken for development of Azerbaijani science. There were my due instructions. Important steps have been taken to strengthen the material and technical base of science. In February of this year we laid the foundation of cosmic industry. Our satellite has already been launched into orbit. In this case, I consider that Azerbaijan must become a scientific center of the region. Azerbaijan is already a political and economic center of the region. You see that demonstrative political events are held now every month. Azerbaijan must also become a scientific center of the region.

We are doing everything possible. I think we will continue our work on the implementation of new projects on this base. Certainly, we need to do everything for the funds invested in science to promote its development and to get practical effect. We must coordinate science with practical steps for our economic development and the comprehensive development of our country, in general. This coordination does exist but it must be more effective. Azerbaijan must have the most advanced global technologies. Despite the fact that today the observatory is on the world level, I think additional steps must be taken for its future development. We have achieved the level of leading observatories”.

The territory has been fully fenced, a post office, medical station, kindergarten, shop and other service facilities been created on the first floors of the two five-storied buildings. The main power distribution lines, water supply, sewerage, external and internal gas lines, telecommunications have been laid anew. A new green strip has been laid around the administration building.

President Ilham Aliyev also familiarized with the conditions in the new residential massive in the territory of the observatory. Two five-floor buildings for 40 and 32 flats, 10 one-storied and two-storied cottages and a hotel have been built here. The rooms have all conditions for the comfort of the guests. In the cottages the guests will be able to use speedy internet, cable TV and etc.

The head of state highly praised the implemented works.