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International Cake Day celebration in Baku with free sweets

  • 19/07/2013 --
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International Cake Day will be marked in Baku on July 20, the head of Azerbaijan National Culinary Center Tahir Amiraslanov has said.

The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, National Culinary Center, National Culinary Association and Azerbaijan National Aerospace Agency.

Free distribution of sweets devoted to space will take place in two Vinni stores (located on Ashig Ali Str.,15 A and Aga Neymatulla Str., 44) at noon on this day.

According to the National Culinary Association, children from Baku orphanages and boarding schools will be invited to the event, which will be joined by well-known cooks and public representatives.

Cake Day is traditionally devoted to a specific topic. This year the theme of the holiday is space, as space probably is the only place where the words «friendship» and «peace» have a very specific meaning, in particular, it is a matter of life and death for the astronauts. They understand very clearly the meaning of the word «friendship» exactly at the international space station.

The first celebration of the International Cake Day was held in 2011 at the initiative of Kingdom of Love (Israel) in order to promote the ideas of friendship and peace in the world through culture. The motto of the festival is I CAKE YOU, loosely implying «I came to you with a cake».

Kingdom of Love was proclaimed by the residents of numerous countries of the world as a spiritual country without boundaries, open to any person recognizing its laws, regardless of the country of residence, age, religion, race or gender. The Kingdom recognizes all religions of the world and welcomes interfaith cooperation.

Everyone can take part in the festival, regardless of his or her cooking abilities, age, country of residence and other factors. Since the cake designated for this holiday is a symbol of people’s unity, it can be not only baked, but also … painted, sculpted, knitted, made of any material, even balloons. You can also congratulate your loved ones by presenting an ordinary or elecntronic postcard.

By Sabina Idayatova