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Political crisis in Ukraine not impacting SOCAR’s work there

  • 12/03/2014 --
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socar_logo_130713The political crisis in Ukraine hasn’t affected the work of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) in this country, a senior representative of SOCAR told journalists on March 12 in Baku.

For objective reasons the situation in Ukraine affected the volume of oil products sale, but in general, the situation in this country hasn’t affected the State Oil Company’s work, according to the senior representative.

Answering the question about weather the Azerbaijani State Oil Company has any assets in Crimea, the senior representative stressed that the whole business of SOCAR is concentrated outside the peninsula.

SOCAR carries out retail sale of oil products in Ukraine, where it owns about 40 gas stations, petroleum storage depots and carries out the bunkering of vessels.

The company is also a party to the Sarmatia ICC, which is implementing the project for construction of the Odessa-Brody-Plotsk-Gdansk oil pipeline.