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Tender announced for exit-poll on presidential elections day in Azerbaijan

  • 23/09/2013 --
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NGO Cooperation Alliance has announced a tender for conducting an exit-poll on October 9, on the day of the presidential elections in Azerbaijan, the Alliance reported.

Exit-poll is an extremely important social research in terms of the transparency of the election assessment, the report said.

The engagement of civil society in conducting exit-poll in terms of transparency of the elections and the electoral process is of great importance for fair election results and their adoption. The NGO Cooperation Alliance envisages conducting the exit-poll on the election day at 5237 polling stations of 125 electoral districts.

NGOs with experience in conducting exit-polls, may apply to the Executive Committee of the Cooperation Alliance from September 19 to September 22 to 18:00.

After the announced date the applications will not be accepted.

NGO Cooperation Alliance plans to hold exit-poll, using the resources of the experienced organizations and forming a large team.

It should be noted that from November 2012 the NGO Cooperation Alliance has been for three months carrying out the monitoring of the presidential elections of 2013. Extensive researches on the resources of political parties have been conducted. The monitoring results were made public in January 2013, a preparation report was presented to the country’s public and international organizations. The report was supported by the public as an objective document.

Then, the expert group of the alliance prepared a detailed analytical paper on the assessment of the pre-election situation on the basis of long-term observations. This document was also positively accepted by the public.

NGO Cooperation Alliance continues the project «Monitoring of 2013 presidential elections and organization of participation in civil society institutes’ process» with the support of the Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the President of Azerbaijan. The first phase of monitoring has been completed in accordance with the project’s plan, and in connection with this the Alliance’s report was made public. Now the second phase of monitoring is continuing, during which five regions will be covered, including Baku, Absheron region and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

The presidential elections in Azerbaijan will be held on October 9.

The previous presidential elections were held on October 15, 2008.

Azerbaijan holds presidential elections every five years.